Episode 2 of Season 4 Scandal Recap

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ABC’s hit show Scandal premiered its fourth season last week which started out with a bang to the new season! Tonight’s episode begins to get more scandalous!

Everyone’s love life seems to be in disarray! First, let’s discuss Jake, who decided to move out of Olivia‘s apartment and into a hotel. He only wants to spend the night with Olivia when its a booty call! Could this be because Jake still knows he will always be second best in Olivia’s life since she is still in love with Fitz?


Meanwhile, Olivia feels she is being blackmailed by the White House since she has been called to help Fitz out with his State of Address speech on Gun Control. She is to work with a married veteran couple to help assist in the speech on gun violence. Of course, in true Scandal fashion, the couple hates each other which causes Liv to go to work on getting them to appear the night of the State of the Union Address.

With this speech coming up, everyone tends to forget that both Mellie and Cyrus are in mourning of Mellie’s son Jerry and Cyrus husband James. After the press is portraying Mellie as the crazy First Lady since she is photographed laying on the grass next to Jerry’s tombstone seeming distressed, Fitz tries to do damage control. With the assistance of Cyrus, he goes to talk Mellie into going to the event to show the world she is not crazy in which she declines. A newly vegetarian Cyrus joins Mellie in what appears to be depression eating. The two share a moment of mourning and sorrow for their loved ones. It is not until Abby, who seems to be trying to fulfill the shoes of Olivia to perfection, convinces her to go to the address telling Mellie that plenty of America’s people have lost a child and how she can be a role model to those people.

During the speech, in which Olivia fixed, Fitz expresses to the world the importance of the issue of children dying from the act of gun control. He informs the world what he and Mellie are going through since Jerry’s death. After the speech, a depressed Mellie falls out on the floor crying and Fitz comes to comfort her. It really is unbearable to see Mellie like this for anyone.

Cyrus, however, meets a new man who appears to be a new love interest to Cyrus. He first declines, but later after realizing he is lonely, engages in conversation with the gentleman after Fitz’s speech. But in true Scandal style, of course this new fling is too good to be true. The gentleman leaves Cyrus to tell a certain someone he is still working on Cyrus for what reason he does not disclose.

Next TGIT night on ABC seems to get more dramatic when Jake seems to ignore Olivia because she is in love with another man. So tune in because it is going to be another Scandal!!

-Meashel Monique