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The PND 2 push continues

PARTYNEXTDOOR quietly became one of R&B’s crown jewels last year with his debut project, the self-titled PARTYNEXTDOOR, which yielded songs like, “Make A Mil”, and “Break From Toronto”. The sequel, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2, is getting a not-so-quiet push, and it seems the man Drake calls “the prince of Toronto” is finally ready to break out of his shell. Yesterday, “Sex On The Beach” was announced as PND 2‘s second single, and today, Mikael Columbu, who’s no stranger to OVO–he shot a video for “We’ll Be Fine”, a popular song from Drake’s Take Care album, but it was never released–has revealed the trailer to “FWU”, one of the more popular songs on PND 2. As usual, it isn’t just about having the artist in front of the camera for Columbu, who somehow has integrated an extra-terrestrial theme into the visualization, which we hopefully get sooner rather than later.