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Below is an extra excerpt from our candid convo with producer Chris Holmes at the grand opening for The Hard Rock Hotel Palms Springs!

“I think in the 60’s a lot of rock bands ripped off soul and blues and gospel artists and made white versions of the music. I love that the stuff that’s happening now, a lot of the fusion is coming from the hip hop artists themselves and pushing things in that direction. I produced a record that never came out for Puffy with Felix the house cat and that was like 10 years ago. Since then.. you know we’re friends with Daft Punk and watching their collaborations on that record was fascinating and how natural it felt because the same people that played on that record are the same people that played for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.”


“The soul is the most important thing with any music and I think that bringing that soul to electronic music has made electronic music infinitely better. It started off with the Afrika Bambaataa stuff it’s a circular thing where it keeps inspiring itself.”

Click the slideshow below to see The Embassy DJ’s in action at the The Hard Rock Hotel Palms Springs!

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