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Broken foot and all, Kevin Durant is still ’bout that action

In a laugher of a game–the Rockets won 69-65–the Houston Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was neither an offensive nor defensive play that served as the game’s highlight. After noticing that Patrick Beverly–who already has a strenuous history with the Thunder (see: Russell Westbrook)–was getting a little cheeky with his players, Scott Brooks called a timeout from the sideline, and stormed over to where Beverly was standing. Beverly himself appeared to be chastising a referee, and thanks to a little egging on from the crowd, it turned into a three-way shouting match, and all over the court, Rockets and Thunder players were mixing it up. Two particular players, Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard, had a face-to-face verbal confrontation, which reportedly went a little something like this.


“You’re a p***y. You’re a p***y. You’re a p***y.”

Hmm. That escalated quickly. Several reports confirm that was the extent of the sentiments Kevin Durant wanted to convey to Howard.


Dwight Howard appears to be the target of choice for NBA superstars early in the season. In the first game of the season, he and Kobe Bryant got so entangled referees had to separate them. Kobe’s message to Dwight then?


Synonymous, no?



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