This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you the resources needed to get a free college education!

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“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”


― Malcolm X


Education, be it formal or informal is vital for anyone to have. I understand that the cost of college tuition in America is astronomical and it seems as though only those who come from affluent or privileged backgrounds can afford it. Many times our children are pushed into sports as a means of paying for college and at other times education is understood and utilized as the passport to explore and fund the future. No matter the route, I am here to say that what many of us didn’t realize is that we have more options than we think. This is not to say that you can get a college degree for free but, if the goal is to increase your knowledge with college level courses then everything that I am about to share will assist you on that journey.

It is not a widely known fact that many colleges offer open courseware. I am not talking about your local community colleges either. Not to say that community colleges are bad in any way, shape, fashion, or form because they are not. It is to say however, that Ivy League institutions offer plenty of their courses and learning materials to take these courses online for free. You only have to know about them to take advantage of the opportunity. In addition to the above some sites like Coursera enable you to master a particular skill set with specializations or a targeted sequence of classes. They also offer you the opportunity to receive a verified certificate of completion for the free course for a nominal fee.

The point beloveds, is that there are a million resources that you can use both formal and informal to increase your knowledge base. Without knowledge we leave ourselves susceptible to so many things. My dad used to always say “It’s what you don’t know, that can kill you!” I have to say that without a doubt I agree! The links listed below will take you to the sites where you can sign up for college courses for FREE! Enjoy beloveds and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @NakeashaJ and on Instagram @Melanated_Beauty.


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Tuft University

California State University



Harvard Medical School

Coursera (offers classes from over 200 universities)

EdX (Harvard/Caltech/Berkley/Dartmouth/ etc.)

– Nakeasha Johnson (@NakeashaJ)