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LeBron is Ray Charles to his wingman

Tough going, huh Dion? Former Syracuse standout Dion Waiters has made a pretty decent name for himself as one of the better non-elite–at least not yet–shooting guards in the NBA, and while he was reportedly nearly traded during the off-season, there’s no telling that without Andrew Wiggins, the Cavaliers are better off with him in their lineup than without. Well, most of the time.


In the above clip, Dion Waiters is clearly ready to make a move with the basketball once LeBron James passes it to him. He event points to the area of the court he plans to dominate once he’s passed the rock. However, as you can see in the above clip, and in the wholly depressing title of this story, Dion Waiters did not get passed the rock, and the internet is–somewhat–better off for it.

It’s okay Dion, laughing at yourself comes with the territory. You’ll get ’em next time champ.