The Dogg Pound member voices his opinion.

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Pioneer west coast MC Kurupt has never been one to bite his tongue no matter the topic and apparently nothing has changed. Earlier this year, during the fiasco involving former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his mistress V. Stiviano, Kurupt was seen leaving her home, while also telling the media that the two are very close friends. This of course raised a few eyebrows but the news quickly disappeared from headlines.

Today though, during a bizarre interview with VladTV, Kurupt gave his opinion on the entire Sterling-Stiviano matter, saying that the former NBA owner is a good man and never did anything to anyone. He also expounds by saying that you shouldn’t judge anyone based on their past but instead, their present deeds.


“I don’t agree at all,” says Kurupt. ” They took a good man down. So what he said… They took a good man down, he didn’t do nothing to nobody, my n***a. He didn’t do nothing to anybody.”

Kurupt, who appeared to be a bit inebriated, also told Vlad regarding Sterling’s wife who distanced herself following the incident; she never loved him, and true marriages overcome infidelity. Sterling was ousted as the owner of the Clippers after his then mistress V. Stiviano exposed recorded phone conversations with him; where he made disparaging remarks about African-Americans.