Yes, you actually can learn stuff from a man.  Who knew?  

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Ladies, it’s time we realize that no one is going to even the playing field for us, so we’ve got to even it for ourselves.  Instead of complaining about how you are overlooked in a male dominated business, take a step back and learn a few things from the men who are running sh*t. Steve Harvey said Think Like a Man, But Act Like a Lady, so here are 8 business tips we can take from the fellas:

1) Always introduce yourself using your first and last name.  This immediately gives off a sense of professionalism and dominancy. The only exception is if you are an artist or entertainer, than go by the the name you want to be remembered as. Either way, it helps people to better remember your face, and speeds the conversation past some of the routine questions.


2) Adopt a more open stance. Look at how men sit, at a meeting, dinner, in the park, wherever: back against the chair, legs spread, arms wide. The subconscious message? “I deserve to be in this space.” Now lets be clear, we must keep this ladylike of course, but just relaxing a bit shows that you are comfortable and sure about the message you are sending.  No need to shrink into the corner.

3) Accept a compliment in two words. Instead of the old fashioned “Oh, this old thing!” or “…Really? I’ve had such a long day I look a mess,” just simply appreciate the compliment with “Thank you.” This is in no way cocky, but it is confident and way less annoying, to be quite frank.

4) Try out a uniform. There’s something powerful about being recognized as the woman who consistently wears red lipstick, that Chanel perfume, or the nude nail polish. Whether you notice or not, there’s always someone paying attention to the smallest details.

5) Don’t accept the first offer. Asking HR if the salary is negotiable allows them to respond in the negative and effectively close the conversation; instead, ask for what you want, back it up with hard data (leave out the personal or emotional stuff; it’s no one else’s responsibility that you signed a lease on a too-expensive apartment) and don’t apologize. If they want you with the company, they will bargain to keep you there, it’s that simple.

6) Be a part of the conversation. As women, we tend to fall into the background of the conversation, letting the men talk until they ask a question or mention us by name. Next time, chime in the conversation uninvited, and make solid points. Your ideas may be very effective, and may lead the conversation in the direction it should have gone.

7) It’s ok to be thirsty! If you want something, you have to take initiative. Slide in DM’s or inboxes without shame if you know your idea is genius. Being aggressive and following up on previous conversations doesn’t mean you’re annoying or pushy; it just means you’re about your business.

8) Lastly, don’t take it personal! Men are rarely in touch with their feelings, so take it from them, and understand that business is business, like Drake said, “It’s strictly financial.”  Some of the most powerful moves have been made after rejection. Everything happens for a reason, so if you are turned down from an opportunity take it as a blessing, take it as a lesson, and take it as business.