Bad Boy ran the 90s.

A musical powerhouse that featured a roster loaded with the Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e, 112, Faith Evans and The Lox, Puff Daddy’s dream team put up numbers with consistent hits.

Speaking of hits, legendary R&B trio, Total made some classic jams. Do you remember Kissing You and Trippin? The ladies also put out the hit Can’t You See, a classic collaboration with the late Notorious B.I.G.

As lyrically flowing as the group was in the studio, they vibed off the clock too. Kima Raynor and Pamela Long, members of the group jumped on The Focal Spot Show with Fredelyne Alcide and discussed their relationship with Brooklyn lyricist back during their reign.

Tons of wisdom as it relates to females coming up in the game and their male counterparts. 

If you were feeling the clip on Biggie on the show, check out the interview in it’s entirety below.