The Big Ticket let his presence be known early to the baby Timberwolves….And let’s just say Zach definitely got the memo

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While NBA action is underway after another impressive all star weekend that occurred in the big apple, some major last minute trades occurred that can possibly shake up the upcoming playoff seedings. In addition, there were some deals that were made that creates the perfect set up to a magical ending of a legendary career. A prime example of this is the unexpected move the Minnesota Timberwolves performed. The Timberwolves traded Thaddeus Young to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Garnett. This was a win-win move for both squad as the Nets needed some youth to make a strong push to secure a spot in the playoffs while Minnesota was in search of a veteran who can school and perform leadership duties for their talented young hoopers they gathered up. When Garnett touched down in Minnesota, the young Timberwolves were excited yet paranoid about what they were getting into when the veteran KG will be suiting up alongside them. One of them who would mortified by the Chi-town legend’s persona is 2015 Sprite NBA Slam Dunk champ rookie sensation Zach LaVine.

As all true NBA fans may know, “The Big Ticket” began his story career as a high school standout in Minnesota. From year one, he introduced the fans in Minneapolis a fiery on court intensity while redefining the word passion by giving sacrificing his body play after play, which made him a huge fan favorite. His tenacious, strong willed attitude has played a major role in each squads locker room as team chemistry became tighter as well as recognizable, putting fear into teams who was going up against KG and his squad night after night. So when Zach got word that Garnett is returning to Minnesota, he immediately offer Kevin his locker spot, the same locker KG used during his tenure before he was traded to Boston in 2007. When speaking to Pioneer Press writer Tom Powers about this gesture, LaVine said


This is his locker and I’m actually kind of scared because I think he is going to say something about me being in his locker. I did more than offer. I wanted him to take it. I wanted him to sit there. I said ‘I’ll move.

Kevin insisted that Zach stay at the locker spot while deciding to take the one next to his. He did this because he wanted to become a walking reminder to the 19 year old rookie phenom that there aren’t no easy routes and no days off in the process to improve as the season progresses. In fact, veterans already gave the rookies the heads up about cell phones and other electronics in the locker room when “The Big Ticket” is in their presence. Minnesota’s coach Flip Saunders told Powers that he told his young rookies that when KG walks in the locker room, their phones better be tucked away because if they’re not, they’re going to get thrown in the toilet on game night.

Call it being mean, but avid basketball enthusiasts know that this is an excellent mindset that needs to be implicated in the locker room settings. When these NBA superstars step into the arena to suit up for practice and for games, it’s now a place to take care of business as they attempt to do more than just reel in fans and obtaining millions of dollars. If these talented, athletic Timberwolves wants to start winning ASAP, it has to start by the way they prep for their nightly competition especially in the tough “wild wild” Western Conference. By having KG obtaining a locker spot next to Zach, it creates the perfect opportunity for a legendary OG to drop some classic hidden gems to a young protege who will become an NBA superstar in years to come. The road to productivity for Minnesota under the KG era begins Tuesday as he is scheduled to report for practice as Minnesota preps to play host against the Washington Wizards. Time for the young bucks to get reacquainted with the word intensity…Kevin Garnett style. So come Tuesday Zach when you see #21 enter on that practice court, please bring your “A” game and leave the sissiness at the door.

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