“That’s twenty years, I told Pooh in ninety-five, I’ll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95’s” – Game.

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It’s not at all uncommon to solicit sneaker sales or trades on social media. All throughout the country there are Facebook groups and websites devoted to it. What is common, unfortunately, are the numerous Craigslist set ups; mock meet-ups where one has no intention to buy, sell, or trade, but to rob, steal, or even kill.


The Loganville-Grayson area of Georgia is the scene for the most recent sneaker-related robbery attempt. A Local teen had set up a meeting to trade his “Concord” Air Jordan XI’s for another pair of shoes. Agreeing to meet in the parking lot of the IHOP restaurant on Scenic Highway, the victim came up to a tan SUV with three males inside, according to the police report.

[The victim] gave one of the suspects the pair of shoes he was trading and was given one of the shoes offered in return to try on.

After he tried on the shoe, he looked up and saw one of the males point a gun at him and demand the shoe be returned. “No, you’ll have to shoot me,” the victim said and walked away.

Trying to wrap his head around the situation, the victim then walked into the IHOP where he would call his mom. While speaking with her, two of the males came inside, including the one with the gun. According to the incident report, “They walked up to the victim and the male with the gun, who had it tucked under his shirt, demanded the shoe and ‘all of his money.'”

“I don’t have any money,” the victim reportedly responded before throwing the shoes at the two. Immediately after they ran out of the restaurant.

This kid was extremely lucky. Material possessions are never worth your life.



Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)