Campbell’s We TV spot highlighted a very rough time in her marriage

Tina Campbell, known to the world as one-half of the gospel-and-blues duo Mary Mary–“Shackles,” “God In Me”–stars in Mary Mary, a We TV reality show that highlights the personal life of the gospel star, along with her husband Terry Campbell, and the other half of Mary Mary, Tina’s sister Erika-Atkins Campbell.


In the trailer for the 4th season of the show, a major moment came when the clip revealed Terry Campbell’s trashed car, which was reportedly a product of a fit of Tina Campbell’s rage, which came after Terry admitted to having several extra-marital affairs.

“We had some days that were really bad, and the car is a clear indication of a very bad day. It was my car and she thought I could have been riding around town with another women in the car, which wasn’t the case. My wife in her pain wanted to hurt me.”

It was VladTV that reported that the true story behind the trashed vehicle is that Tina took a gun to the car in her anger, and literally unloaded on the car’s windshield and body. No one was inside the car at the time.

You can watch the full trailer above. The new season debuted on March 5.