We knew it was only a matter of time before Chris Brown got brolic online…

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Chris Brown has literally been over all headlines this past week for no other than his baby mama finally coming out about his 9-month year old child, Royalty. He has yet to really comment on this announcement but he has taken some shots at the haters.  He fired off some shots earlier on Instagram, which read:

“When you’re going through a difficulty and you’re wondering where God is…Remember the teacher is always quiet during the test,” before ripping in to Instagram users, calling them “ignorant” and describing their profiles as “so damn depressing,” before suggesting they were a “cancer to this planet.”


His full message under his instagram post read:

“Some of you ignorant human beings on here have yet to grasp the concept of your own lives. This is for encouragement for anyone dealing with their own issues. Half of yall pages are private and the others look so damn depressing I understand why u feel like u have the right to say some of the most outrageous things possible. U don’t have to like me but one thing is for sure… You all are looking though.. That’s the difference between leadership and being a cancer to this planet. We have no real leaders or people to join together for great things anymore. At least not the youth… We will one day drown in a pool of our own negativity. Be blessed or be quiet.”

Where is his publicist?! He’s going way off the handle, like get it together CB. You’re saying too much now.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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  • Adam Safar says:

    I agree that Chris Brown went off the chain saying what he did. I know that he trying to wake some people up into reality that his issues shouldn’t concern theirs. People do need to get it together so Chris Brown is right. He needs to know that it may never happen as a group, only individually at a time. The haters are getting their way though when they get Chris Brown’s attention so that is something that he needs to understand. I think people need to get a grip on themselves though, like he said, the ones that don’t will drown in their own negativity.