“I love my songs but hate what they stand for..they mean everything to me, and sometimes I wish they meant nothing.”  – Yasmeen

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Singer and songwriter Yasmeen lets the song cry on her first offering from a full album about H.I.M.

This record defines a tale of desolation, which I’m sure many of us have encountered.  Yasmeen’s early beginnings of writing and singing songs about anything, simply for the love of singing, are in the past, banished there by a broken hearted.  Now, a sheltered and naive young artist’s innocence is replaced with pain, and a broken-hearted jadedness; the vocal booth is where she finds consolation after a four year relationship came to a bitter end.


Listening to this song, I visualized the painful expression in her voice as she sang.

“I lie to myself each and every day

I lie to myself when I sit and pray

Cause I know the truth, and I know it’s you

And I hope that we can find a way, but it’s over now.”

It’s devastating, yet beautiful, because this brand of honesty and authentic vulnerability is rare.  We live in times where people are “too cool” to show emotion and or any type of vulnerability, so when it’s done through music, the end result is alchemy–beauty from pain.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The best compositions come from the heart, because they’re based on the harsh, but concurring, realities of life.

Take a listen to “Said U Would” below.

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