Looks like it’s hiring season at Olivia Pope & Associates.

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It has been an intense season for Scandal — Olivia got kidnapped but was saved, she’s in the middle of a civil war with her powerful, ruthless dad,  and let’s not forget to mention that people are dropping dead like flies. Abby has crossed-over from OPA the white house, and Harrison, Columbus Short, didn’t even make it to season 4 due to domestic violence allegations. Which leaves Huck and Quinn running the show with Olivia at OPA. So pretty soon Olivia is going to have to recruit a new gladiator, but who?

According to TV Line, the two vacant gladiator spots will be filled in season 5 by a character Liv has already crossed paths with. Hmm.


One of the new gladiators could possibly be Marcus Walker: The black man who was the leader in the protests after his neighbor’s son was gunned down by the police and he also ran for Mayor. Olivia acknowledges his charisma and intelligence, which makes him an ideal candidate for the job.

Many new characters were introduced this season that seems like they have potential to help the gladiators to continue to soar. Wonder who will be the new person in OPA.

Scandal’s final episode is scheduled to air May 7th on ABC at 9 pm.