You could be big as M…never mind

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Last month, Drake‘s performance at Coachella made headlines for a couple reasons. 1. It was during that weekend that he revealed his collaboration with Beyonce, which has leaked in all its unfinished glory, and 2. He made out with Madonna on stage.

Since then, Drake has denied that he was visibly disgusted with what happened, and praised the moment, but Madonna has gone on the offensive. During a video Q&A with fans, Madonna alluded to the fact that Drake begged her to kiss him, and that he kisses like a girl. Drake didn’t fire back, but he couldn’t have been happy about being shamed by Madonna. MADONNA.


Last night however, Drake acknowledged the slight in possibly the Drake-iest way possible, when the standout “You could be big as Madonna,” line cued up on “Madonna.” He replaced the pop-star’s name with another pop star, with whom he has his own shaky past.

You could be big as Rihanna…

The crowd completely lost it. Watch a short clip here.