This should be a lesson to all the boys out there who likes to sag their jeans. A Long Island teen thought he was free after robbing an apartment, but what he failed to realize is that his underwear would give him away.

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According to Black America Web, 18 year old Taykim Ross stole $200, a pair of Air Jordans and electronics from a Hempstead apartment. After robbing the apartment, Ross went in the back yard to change his sneakers to the one the ones he stole. A neighbor caught him and took a picture of the fugitive with his underwear peeking above his jeans.

The neighbor who took the photo gave it to police who began canvassing the neighborhood for the suspect. Officer Russell Harris says that he was returning from canvassing the neighborhood when he noticed someone taking out trash who happened to bend over…with red underwear. Ross was arrested and will be arrained in court.


What a genius!

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: Black America Web