Maybe to console him? It was a tough ending

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Last night was Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and as expected, it was a back-and-forth, exciting contest that couldn’t be decided in regulation, unfortunately for the Cavs. Their offense dissipated in the overtime period, mustering up no more than 2 points, and to add insult to injury, Kyrie Irving limped off the court before the end of this one, grimacing and clearly in excruciating pain.

But, as has been the case in these NBA Playoffs, some of the biggest stories happen after the final buzzer sounds, from Riley Curry‘s antics to colorful comments made by everyone from Joakim Noah to Dwight Howard. Last night, it was Rihanna that made headlines, after a couple reporters–and the NBA 2K guy–spotted Rihanna calling out LeBron James name in the players’ tunnel.



Interesting. Maybe she wanted to know where J.R. Smith was. Haha, just kidding.