Troy Ave’s new album flops at retailers

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One of Troy Ave‘s claims to fame is the fact that he did it “his way,” and didn’t need a major label record deal to achieve a respectable career and position on the rap game. Well, after his latest Soundscan, he may be rethinking that sentiment.

His newest album, Major Without A Deal, moved 4,373 copies in its first week on the shelves, making little to no dent on either The Billboard 200 or the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. This comes in spite of Ave being as hot as he’s probably ever been, thanks to his popular “All About The Money” single, and the remix to his last standout record, “My Style,” which featured Diddy, Mase and T.I.


Furthermore, the Soundscan screenshot revealed that he’d only sold 30 physical copies of his album, which is a staggering statistic. To his credit, he may also be a victim of a short week. While most albums are released on Monday or Tuesday, Ave’s newest LP wasn’t released until last Friday.

You can stream the album here on Spotify.