I must it admit I was very skeptical about seeing this movie. I’ve never been to a male strip club and the idea of a male stripper movie  is a bit corny to me. Yes I do adore the oh so handsome Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello (like every other woman), I mean they are built like Greek Gods. I did enjoy the first film, but I must say there is still Magic in Magic Mike XXL and worth every penny.

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The dancing was amazing, like Channing Tatum would ever disappoint us lol. But in this film he does get some help from some very chocolatey brothers, and some surprise cameos you may enjoy.  Some of you may be wondering what Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is doing in the film, relax he’s not a stripper but he does add some musical value to the movie. The music was so on point it was crazy, you will definitely hear some favorites from R.Kelly, 112, Jeremih, and Ginuwine. The moves were definitely R&B and Hip Hop inspired and how can you not love that ladies?

Yes there is plenty eye candy and titillating moments in this movie, but there is a point and theme to the story line. This group of male strippers had all individually failed in some shape or form in life, as well as misfortune but came together to reach a goal collectively.  They were able to overcome adversity help each other out and be successful.  Another recurring theme was self-esteem, self love and believing in ones self. The only problem with the self esteem premise in this movie is it says that only men complete women. Or only men can give you back your confidence and your self esteem. Le Sigh, all that aside the movie was thoroughly entertaining, sensual, steamy, salacious, and hilarious.


Magic Mike XXL hits theaters nationwide July 1st


-Victoria B. (@UnabashedlyTori)