There’s something pretty bizarre happening on the radio right now

All day, the Meek Mill vs Drake saga has been unfolding, and you can now throw one Mr. Funkmaster Flex into the ring.

Flex, who had been pleading with Drake via Instagram to answer claims that he doesn’t write his own raps for a large part of the afternoon, is currently on Hot 97 playing a slew of Drake records, but earlier in his broadcast, he played a different type of Drake record.

According to the veteran, storied DJ and radio host, he’d acquired reference tracks–tracks written by one writer, to be rapped by another artist–from someone inside Drake’s camp, that appeared as Drake songs on his most recent project, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. The songs? Two standouts: “Energy” and “10 Bands.”

Flex only played “Energy” on the radio, but he posted a clip of the alleged “10 Bands” reference to his Instagram, and you can check it out here. According to Flex, it’s Drake’s rumored ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, appearing on both demos.

Miller himself hasn’t tweeted in 2 days, and outside of Drake’s Instagram DM conversation with Hitman Holla, we’ve only got Meek Mill’s Twitter rant and this current left-field Hot 97 occurrence to go on. However, considering how unpredictable the internet is, there’s absolutely no chance we’ve heard the last of these three.