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With the release of The Source Magazine’s annual Power 30 issue, which highlights the most impactful personalities and entities in and around Hip-Hop culture within the past year, once again there is much debate regarding who has been included, excluded as well as the ranking order. Categorizing each list in terms of business, radio and digital, there is always much talk, both positive and negative when it comes to creating lists such as this one.

The publisher of The Source Magazine and famed entertainment attorney Londell McMillan paid a visit to Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” along with Brooklyn emcee Maino to discuss this year’s list, and to help promote #Source360 weekend–a celebration of the 7 pillars of Hip-Hop culture–which just took place this past weekend in Brooklyn’s Cultural District. Things got a tad bit heated as the show’s co-host Peter Rosenberg took exception to being ranked 24th on the Power 30 radio list, citing his overall influence compared to some of the jocks that we’re listed ahead of him, leading to a big picture discussion on Hip-Hop culture, and how it relates to DJs, breaking records, and different radio markets. Breaking down the criteria, McMillan shared how important it is to highlight radio jocks who may be in smaller markets but are the undisputed leaders of the culture in their respective regions. Thus grading them on a curve compared to jocks who are in much larger markets but not the unquestioned leader in said region.


As the conversation turned, Ebro and company lamented on some of the controversial incidents surrounding The Source Magazine over a decade ago when the brand was under old ownership. While acknowledging the misdeeds of his predecessors at The Source, McMillan staunchly pointed out that the brand has been on an upward trajectory since he took over as publisher years ago and intends to provide a voice to all curators of the culture whether it be as an MC, visual artist, DJ and more.

Each year, the passionate and sometimes heated debates which occur surrounding the Power 30 list is encouraged, further proving that The Source Magazine remains one of the most valued and respected brands in Hip-Hop culture. Watch the full interview in the video above and pick up the new issue which is on newsstands now.

“This was a fun and healthy debate on Hip-Hop,” said McMillan as he reflected on the interview during #Soruce360 weekend, “I look forward to more discussions to raise important issues in the culture. I did let Ebro off the hook, given I was in his house, LOL.”