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Hillary Clinton has been gearing up for this moment for the last 15 years, ever since her husband Bill left office, and so far, despite Bernie Sanders‘ comeuppance and small, promising flashes from Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley, there’s a decent chance she gets her shot at the Oval next November.

That could all change in the next two days.

Joe Biden, beloved Vice President of both Obama administrations and darling of the political world, is expected to announce whether or not he will make a run at being Commander-in-Chief in the next 48 hours, this according to NBC sources.


Those that think it’s too late for Biden’s entry to matter are most certainly mistaken. Despite the fact that he has missed out on the early opportunities for smear-campaigns and debate maneuvers may matter very little, considering he’s spent the last 8 years building unmistakable political capital, and that’s conferred him more experience actually helping run a successful presidential administration than the rest of his would-be competition combined.

In the next two days, we’ll know for sure.