Someone, quick, give SHIRT his props. He’s one of the few rappers who has been swimming against the mainstream and consistently comes out on top. You may disagree in the typical view of that statement. No, he’s not jumping on tracks with Drake or doing covers with GQ. What we mean is that he’s preserved his artistry and cultivated it over the years in his own creative ways with no hindrance. He’s put out physical art for sale and hunts down unique producers for the right canvass to wax poetics on. This new free album, the follow up to RAP, is no different. This one contains some personal tracks that explore his relationships, friendships, and inner thoughts and theories. After you hit play on this, let us know if you agree with him when he says, “Every time they talk about what Rap should be, it’s me.”

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You can download the album for free HERE. You can also catch his freestyle series that he did right before he dropped this album below.


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