The Zen Master talks magic

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Despite having mediocre (9-10, the New York Knicks have a gem (yes, a gem) in Kristaps Porzingis and besides the fans, GM and legendary coach Phil Jackson thinks rookie sensation has a “magical element”. According to Phil Jackson after his experience on his recent appearance on Sirus XM NBA Radio appearance, he stated:

“There’s the magical element to this young man that has caught the admiration, I think, of the fan base here in New York City and people around the country that do follow the Knicks,” Jackson said on Sirius XM NBA Radio on Wednesday. “In seeing this guy he’s got the right temperament, the right attitude, carries himself well.”

“He’s still not getting the calls, he’s still getting some calls, doesn’t seem to have that issue with referees or protest or get upset. He seems to have a very calm, balanced nature about his game. You know, it’s a learning process. I see growth almost from game to game and that’s really the ticket you look at as you watch a young player.”

“The other day they made a big thing about Howard dunking over the top of him. That’s ridiculous,” Jackson said. “Everybody gets dunked on in the NBA game. But he seems to just laugh it off, come back. He’s obviously a lightning rod to our fan corps because you can’t hide him. He stands out in a crowd, there’s no doubt about it.”

Although, the term “magical” is a bit much, the nod definitely makes sense considering he is on top in terms of rookie rankings. It is truly a great that the Knicks have a player that will grow exponentially in terms of his experience in the league, but his magical element will only ring true if he has a well-rounded team that can make him better.