Being sampled by DJ Premier, Jay Z, Common, and 50 Cent has to be one of the first things you mention in a job interview, if it’s on your resume. Lucky for Adrian Younge, his reputation precedes him and he most likely will never have to be in that position. The producer behind Ghostface Killah’s 12 Reasons To Die albums, the music for Black Dynamite (film and Adult Swim series), the Delfonics resurgence, and Souls of Mischief’s new album is back to put out the follow up from his album from four years ago. It features Raphael Saadiq, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Bilal, Karolina, and Loren Oden. The first single, which is presented in the video above, captures the signature sound from Adrian that is two parts soulful and one part gritty. This album (1/22/16) is something to mark on your calendar.

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You can pre-order a digital or physical copy HERE and catch up on the first Something About April below.


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