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All hail the Trap Lord. After a brief hiatus following 2014’s Ferg Forever mixtape, A$AP Ferg rises from the ashes and returns to the spotlight with “Tatted Angel” in remembrance of A$AP Yams. While losing a loved one can be a heavy cross for anyone to bear, the Harlem MC puts his best foot forward, and come hell or high water, vows to move heaven and earth to ensure that the late A$AP founder’s spirit lives on until the end of time.

But while Ferg refuses to let Yams fall from grace, he also understands that in many ways he’s preaching to the choir, and takes a moment to reflect on the circumstances that ultimately led to his longtime friend and business partner’s untimely passing. “He went to rehab a year before and he’d seen improvement, but the fame and access is what abused him,” he recollects before surmising that Yams is looking down from above as he carries out deeds for the man upstairs.

At 2:24 in length prior to tapering off in what seems to be premature fashion, one can only pray that Ferg blesses us with an extended version of the sanctified record in time for Christmas.


UPDATE: Our wish has been granted.