It’s no doubt that some of the first things to pop into your head when you think of Atlanta are Hip-Hop and “housewives,” and with good reason. But don’t be fooled, the city many have dubbed the “Capital of the South” has more creative offerings than it knows what to do with.

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As cultural realms of art, technology, music, and fashion continue to overlap more and more, Atlanta embraces these blurred lines to create a Mecca for young Millennials within in all creative ventures.
Young artists can find comfort in the fact you don’t have to be Future or Migos to make it in Atlanta. With a varied underground scene, the city is host to a beautiful mix that can easily be appreciated at different venues any given night.

Nightlife does not just stop at a nightly routine of long lines and stuffed clubs. Pop-up shows, art galleries, and aptly-themed parties are at the forefront of activities and never disappoint. A plethora of streetwear and sneaker stores put young designers in a position to be taken seriously: an attainable goal made possible by an interconnected support system of industry leaders throughout the city.


However, one of the true hidden gems of Atlanta lies within the tech industry. Home to a countless number of startups, spots like the Atlanta Tech Village and Advanced Technology Development Center have created an endless hub of opportunity for young entrepreneurs.

It’s true Atlanta isn’t New York or Los Angeles, but it’s a prime destination for the creative mind and young professionals that shouldn’t be ignored.

Check out this list of 10 not-so-obvious spots worth visiting in Atlanta:

  • Erosol aka Department Store: A go-to venue, hosting various pop-ups, open mic shows, and featured performances.
  • The Sound Table: An industrial lounge that becomes a dance club after dark.
  • Studio No. 7:  Dubbed a “gathering space for creatives”, Studio No. 7 is a quaint lounge featuring rotating art installations with tapas and cocktails to match.
  • Atlanta Tech Village: Mentioned before, ATV serves as a collaborative space for startups, boasting a community of over 250 companies.
  • Ponce City Market: A staple of Atlanta life, PCM is a retail and residential center infused with culture.
  • Curated ATL: Originally a menswear e-boutique, Curated Lifestyle Shop now hosts a flagship store on Atlanta’s Peters Street, featuring quality emerging brands.
  • Fly Chix ATL: A premiere women’s apparel boutique with contemporary pieces from emerging designers.
  • Epitome ATL: Often overshadowed by sneaker staples such as Wish ATL and Walter’s, Epitome ATL is an exclusive footwear boutique with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Status Life ATL: A bit new to the scene, this storefront fuels the well-appreciated skateboard culture of Atlanta.
  • Compound: Taking a break from the city’s Mansion Elan and Opera nightclubs, Compound delivers a lively scene and atmosphere that Atlanta’s elite have come to frequent.