With smooth and conscious flows, Sa-Roc takes on police brutality in her latest song to get a visual treatment, “Heaven On Earth.”

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The video features news clips and footage from around the United States that shine light on the tense relationship between law enforcement and citizens, as well as the grim realities that currently exist as a result.

With lyrics like, “It gets harder to breathe when I can’t clear the air / And much harder to grieve when I’m concealing tears,” Sa-Roc takes on heavy topics with veteran ease in her song-writing.


Other noteworthy lyrics in this call-t0-action anthem include, “And churches won’t protect me less I confess holy sin / But whole world crucifying me ‘cuz I’m born inside this holy skin / And ain’t sh*t changed since the shift change” and “This revolution won’t be televised / I pulled the plug / Now your paradise is face to face with the hell it caused.”

While the track is an emotional one given its message, it is beautiful, raw and culturally important.

Sa-Roc’s latest album, Gift of the Magi LP, is now available via iTunes.