Last year she “broke the internet” and this year within one day of its release she’s breaking the app store. Just in time for the holiday season, of course.

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“Kimoji” is Kim Kardashian West‘s very own selection of emojis that are literally the perfect picks for every moment of a Millennial’s life. After recently announcing the birth of her son using emojis, it was only appropriate to launch her very own app.

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Kim has indulged in technology for quite a while now, with the release of her video game in June 2014, her intriguing tech talk shortly after, and her powerful social media presence since the beginnings of Instagram.

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If emojis are worth a thousand words, this app certainly delivers. “Kimoji” might especially cater to the waist training gang, the contoured selfie gang and the red cup lituation gang, but there’s something in there for everyone.

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