CES, formally called “CES 2016” — the world’s biggest consumer technology show, kicks off this week in Las Vegas with 3,600 exhibitors who are expected to attend to view the latest products and technologies.  The show will run from Jan. 6 through Jan. 9.  According to CES, more than 100 tech companies will showcase the latest innovations ranging from smart homes to robotics, automotive to 3D printing, and many other high tech products.  But before you go adding products to your CES list this January, below are 10 things we are most excited for for this year:

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10.  TV/radio personality Nick Cannon

CES 2015 Nick Cannon

CES 2015 Nick Cannon











Nick Cannon, who was CES 2015 Entertainment Matters Ambassador, will speak for this year CES regarding how digital media has influenced his branding.

9. Retired NBA player Magic Johnson










Johnson, will host Monster’s CES 2016 concert; The show is a tribute to Michael Jackson which will immediately follow Monster’s annual awards program. It will be held at Planet Hollywood in the Axis Theater Powered by Monster on Thursday, Jan. 7, at 7:30 p.m.  Featuring  performances by The Jacksons, Areosmith, Ne-Yo, George Benson, Rick Ross, Luis Coronel, and Christina Milian, just to name a few.

8. LG Ultra Thin T.V.

Ultra thin TV

LG Ultra Thin TV









LG announced that it built an 18-inch OLED panel that could be peeled off the wall and rolls up just like a newspaper (it sticks to the wall by using magnets). Click here to watch the video.

7. Drones












GoPro  announced its new camera drone named Karma. According to BBC, it could deliver 360-degree views and incorporate collision-avoidance tech.

6. Virtual Reality

Sam Yeh/AFP/ Getty Images

Sam Yeh/AFP/ Getty Images









Sony, HTC and Oculus will all be present at CES showcasing their latest VR headset models. The companies are also expected to announce more details on product pricing and launch dates, BBC reported.

5.  BMW Air Touch










BMW will be demonstrating its AirTouch technology, which is a system that 3D-scans hand gestures to help drivers avoid fumbling with buttons.

4. Fitbit

Lisa Werner/Moment Editorial/Getty Images

Lisa Werner/Moment Editorial/Getty Images










Fitbit will have improved features such as sleep tracking, coaching and even stress management. The company is also expected to partner with a few fashion brands.

“We could see a revision of Fitbit devices and software to better track stress via heart rate variability and skin temperature, along with software that offers coaching for better sleep and stress management,” predicts Charles Anderson from the investment bank Dougherty & Company.

3. Smart Home Systems

George Frey/ Getty Images

George Frey/ Getty Images











Nest and Phillips will showcase their thermostats, lights, cameras and alarms along with new ways to controls them, told the Daily News.

Other small companies will present smart light bulbs, electrical sockets and house appliances. There will also be other products such as vibrating sofas, smart kitchen aids and even modules to control fireplaces via a smartphone, according to the Daily News.

2. Robots

via CES

via CES











The Robotics Marketplace would be helping humans at work, at school, at the doctor’s office and at home. According to CES, they are connected to the cloud, controllable by mobile device and capable of seeing, hearing and reacting to the environment.  

1. PlayStation VR

playstatio vr

PlayStation VR








Sony will offer hands-on experience with the PlayStation VR – the add-on headset for its bestselling console, told BBC.  Sony also notified that PlayStation VR headset would go on sale before July 2016.