Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver the final State of the Union address of his 8-year presidency, and it’s expected to be a doozy.

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As we approach the end of Obama’s tenure in the Oval, it’s clear the president has become increasingly less concerned with banter from his critics, and more focused on getting his point across. After all, he can’t run again; this is his final chance to get his point across. Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show took the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at this notion, citing the very real promotional flyer that’s been tweeted out from Obama’s staff-run Twitter account, featuring the President casually adjusting a bow-tie with the smuggest of smug grins on his face. According to Wood Jr., this is an indication that Obama has “no f*cks left to give,” telling Noah that same carefree face is how he looks when he’s about to leave a job.


Though we wouldn’t say Obama will carelessly handle tonight’s address, there is reason to think that he’ll take the gloves off–so to speak. In recent months, we’ve seen Obama directly address issues of gun control and climate change with little tentativeness, opting instead to ditch his politically correct facade and speak from the heart, highlighted by his emotional, tear-filled speech on gun violence last week as he referenced the tragic events at Sandy Hook in 2013 and the rampant gun violence in his hometown of Chicago.

If there will ever be a time for Obama to let loose and really go for it, tonight’s the night. We’ll be watching.