Hip Hop has a number of notorious names and stories in its four decades of folklore, with Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond arguably at the top of the list.

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Currently serving a life sentence, the entertainment mogul’s reputation had been hampered for decades by allegations of his involvement in the infamous 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in New York City. Since his conviction in 2012 on unrelated charges (drug trafficking and money laundering), nobody’s had the chance to speak to “Henchman” or get all the details on his case. Till now.

Once Rosemond’s case caught the attention of Go To Ground News [G2G] the New York-based production company was inspired to create The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes as the kick-off to their Unjust Justice web series. The 10-part video rollout examines Tupac, the business of Hip Hop, media coverage of Rosemond and his conviction in both a drug conspiracy case and murder-for-hire of an ex-con who assaulted his then 14-year-old son.


“When I looked at the trial transcripts of the cases and the evidence presented in court, I knew I wanted to delve deeper into Jimmy’s story,” says Don Sikorski, G2G’s investigative reporter and curator.

“His name has been inserted into many conspiracy theories in the industry and I wanted to set the record straight, not only with journalistic integrity, but also allow the audience to hear for the first time from Jimmy directly on all these rumors about his life. I’m shocked at most of the evidence and stories I’ve learned thus far through my investigation.”

G2G will also next month debut “The Rosemond Tapes” as a podcast—hosted by Sikorski and esteemed Hip Hop journalist (and former The Source reporter) Bönz Malone—featuring recorded conversations with “Henchmen” from inside a federal penitentiary.

Unjust Justice: The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes premieres February 1 on GoToGround.com.