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If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s Bret Hart probably holds a special place in your heart. So it should come as no surprise that Dipset leader Cam’ron, who has name dropped wrestlers throughout his career in his music is a fan of “The Hitman”. It might, however, come as a surprise that the two are actually really good friends — and not only that, they’re dropping a new album together.

Hart who’s now 58, and Cam who’s 39 kicked it at a Baltimore Ravens game last month which set into motion the idea for a new rap album from Cam in support of a Canadian financial company, aptly-named “Sharpshooter”.


Per TMZ:

We spoke to the company’s CEO Paul Pitcher who tells us Bret and Cam’ron are friends — and once Bret signed on … the rapper was all about joining the team.

“[Cam] and Brett hung together for a whole weekend and went to a Ravens game together. He was down from the very beginning.”

In fact, Pitcher says the Harlem MC was so pumped about the partnership, he recorded a WHOLE ALBUM of original music dedicated to Sharpshooter funding.

TMZ also provided a snippet from the album’s first track, which you can listen to above. We’re just happy to see two legends inspiring each other.