Drake and J. Cole have both enjoyed huge success in the past 12 months, releasing platinum albums, enjoying success on the charts, and playing sold out tours and festivals. They’re arguably two of the biggest members of rap’s new elite, and have successfully built the foundation for what will likely be lengthy careers. What would happen if they joined forces?

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According to Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, that could potentially happen this summer. Darden, who is also an anchor at Apple Music’s Beats1 radio station, let it be known that he’s been hearing rumors that there could soon be an announcement of a Drake and a J. Cole joint tour, which would mark the first time the two juggernauts would join forces for a tour since J. Cole appeared on Drake’s Club Paradise tour in 2012.  Drake Tickets are always a hot commodity, and Tickets to J.Cole‘s 2014 Forrest Hills Drive Tour sold out across the country, the idea of the two connecting at this stage in their career is truly an unprecedented concept.

At the 8:50 mark of the following clip, which was taken from this morning’s broadcast of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, you can hear Ebro’s revelation, which could have huge implications on the landscape of Hip Hop this summer.