CeeLo Green is teaming up with Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump for an upcoming EP titled AHKILO.

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The celebrated singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor and businessman, who Tone describes as “a humble and honorable musical genius,” is getting back to his Hip Hop roots with the project.

“Tone and I have aligned ourselves for a common cause,” says CeeLo. “Becoming a unified front, pushing the line forward for the sake of a bolder, braver yet balanced exploration embellishing on the Black experience with the experience of two illustrious and independent careers. We’re calling the EP AKHILO for culture, commonwealth and the controlled substance of the content.”


“I’m honored to have The Source Magazine know first I’m working on the most important music project of my career, mashallah, with my brother, legendary five-time Grammy winner CeeLo Green,” says Tone. “I’m challenging myself to make timeless, authentic and powerful music.

“There are so many things going on in this world and as a Black man, a Muslim and leader of men, I know how important and needed this project is,” Tone adds. “Stay tuned, we’re about to feed the DJs, Internet and the streets so heavy. Love and respect to everybody showing love. West Philly to the world, let’s win.”

While there’s currently no release date set for AKHILO, the two artists recently dropped “5,” their first buzz track (also produced by CeeLo).