In the wake of critically massacred Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, diagnosed by many critics as humorless and plain boring, it’s  safe to say Warner Bros. learned a valuable lesson — be funny. With Suicide Squad as WB’s second chance to please superhero junkies this year, they’ve decided to reshoot several scenes to inject some funny into the upcoming film.

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According to Birth.Movies.Death

I have since spoken to more sources and I understand that the reshoots are happening right now, as recently as this week, and that they’re big – tens of millions of dollars big. And they’re adding more humor and lightness into the film.

This, to me, is great news. Hearing that WB is aware that they need to inject some fun into these movies – and that’s what I’m hearing is happening here, not that they’re inserting jokes left and right but that they’re beefing up fun character moments and interactions – can only mean good things for the future of the DC Movieverse after the deadly serious, zero fun Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Makes sense considering another source told B.M.D. writer Devin Faraci, “Every joke in the movie is in that trailer.” I mean really, you can’t have “The Joker” in a film without a ton of sick jokes. It’s not right.


This news also follows reports that Batman V. Superman plunged at the Box Office from $81.5 million opening day last Friday to $15.35 million yesterday, which we can assume is indicative of the less than flattering reviews the movie has received.

Let’s hope WB has learned its lesson and Suicide Squad covers all palettes when it releases August 5, 2016.

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