T.I. Says He Was “Handling the Incisions” During Wife Tiny’s Recent Child Birth


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T.I. and Tiny gave birth to their seventh child at the end of March, which means the couple, who have been married nearly 6 years, certainly have a decent amount of experience bringing children into this world. Apparently, T.I. has so much experience, he positioned himself as if he were an assisting doctor or nurse during Tiny’s recent child birth.

TMZ caught up with Tip at the airport recently, and he hilariously answered some of their outrageous questions about his most recent experience in the delivery room with Mrs. Harris. When the pap asked Tip if he was beside Tiny, holding her hand and helping her breathe, T.I. scoffed, and shot back that he was in fact on the other side, “handling the incisions,” and “handling the business.” Classic Tip.


Whatever T.I. did–or has been doing–it must be working. Seven healthy kids is no joke. Congrats to their family.