On this day in Hip Hop history, one of the underground’s most prolific rapper/producers, MF DOOM, put out his debut solo LP Operation: Doomsday. The album has been hailed by some as a holy grail of the indie scene.

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This project, much like the villainous career, came in the midst of turmoil for our protagonist MF DOOM. In his younger years, Doom was known by the name Zev Love X and him and his brother DJ Sub-Roc made up the famous late 80s duo K.M.D.. Although the politically charged tandem was growing in commercial success, half of the team met their untimely fate on April 23, 1993 when Sub-Roc was hit by a car trying to cross the Long Island Expressway.

Shortly after his brother’s death, DOOM was dropped from his label, Elektra Records, and K.M.D.’s second album Black Bastards was put on ice. This sent DOOM back to the laboratory to plot on his next move. He sat in the dark depths of his studio and planned his revenge while honing his abilities as an MC and producer. His return to the surface was Operation: Doomsday.


Released on Fondle ‘Em Records, this reintroduction project never made a spot on the Billboard 200 chart. None of the singles were considered “hot” or on any chart in the year of its release. What this album did do was inspire a large portion of today’s artists and rappers. His flow and sample heavy style of production created a new sound in the underground that was reminiscent of the origins of Hip Hop through it’s consciousness and whimsy. With his comic book persona and theme, this album brought fun back to Hip Hop during and era where everyone was battling to see who was more “street.” Take some time out today to listen to one of the most influential albums of this generation in a way that America’s Most Blunted would approve on this glorious April 20th.