Each representing a unique and interesting paradigm of style, a gang of fashion conscious youth gathered at The Source offices this past week, in close proximity to the skyrocketing facades of Times Square, to show off their stylish value and worth. New York City has raised this group that thrives on individual auras of uniqueness, bringing to the table a host of sick aesthetics. 

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Under the watchful eye of a nearby local park security guard, photographs were snapped and a slight lull of music could be heard. From Hood by Air and Telfar, flashy golden threads, a myriad of authentic vintage and thrift finds and Maison Margiela sneakers and platform shoes (and even a legitimate jail garment) adorned some of the more stylish from Manhattan’s range of boroughs.

Peep the latest in street style and realize how the 917 apparently breeds an all around style mindset. Receive just a glimpse of how, in the words of one of the keen photo subjects, “dressing is a sport.”


-Jonathan Quinones


Name: Devon Harvey (Model/Creative Consultant/Rockstar)

What inspires your style? “Skateboarding and 90s music inspired my style.”

Where can your look be found? “You can find my pieces from Supreme or the thrift stores.”


Name: DJ Nolita (DJ)

What inspires your style? “I love being cozy. I’m a little lady boy at heart. But because I love being a woman I believe in being able to be sexy but also sporty, cool, cozy and chic.”

Where can your look be found? “I’m big on hats, jackets and awesome footwear. You can find my fits in Asos, TopShop and ALife.”


Name: Hooliganradguitar5 (Recording Artist/Creative Consultant)

What inspires your style? “I wahs never into fashion. I’m not going to hold yhu up I’m broke I just wore whatevah I could find lol. Still keep it swaggy”

Where can your look be found? “My favorite place to shop is any thrift store”


Name: K$ace (Rapper/Influencer)

What inspires your style? “My mood and the weather inspires my style.”

Where can your look be found? “Number (n)ine glasses, Vellbeck denim, UnknownStudios turtleneck, 01′ Royal blue Jordan 1s, and Plusnon black denim jacket.”


Name: Chiki Uno (Model/Creative Consultant)

What inspires your style? “I’m just wearing what I wore in jail, Air Force 1’s included.”

Where can your look be found? “They can’t buy it unless you tryna get locked up I guess [laughs]. ‘Customer’ Hoody can be found at Telfar, Authentic Hunters’ shotgun vest from Search & Destroy, Derrty Air Force 1’s.”


Name: Apollo7Dior (Recording Artist)

What inspires your style? “What inspires me is Anime as well as seeing everyone dressing the same. I’m in my own world so I don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else because there is still so much that has never been done in fashion.”

Where can your look be found?
“Clothing found on my random walks of life. Whether it be the thrift store or buying a piece off the internet/random person outside. No retail.”


Name: TiDUS (Recording Artist/Designer)

What inspires your style? “The future inspired my style.”

Where can your look be found? “The jacket was made by Me, a 1/1 piece. I will be making pieces for the public very soon however.”


Name: Zachariah Shaw (Model)

What inspires your style? “Styled inspired by west coast fashion in the east coast. Jeans and boots..maybe a leather jacket. Chains. I’m inspired mostly by Pharrell and that’s been since I was a child, and I try to incorporate some of his style. Or Johnny Depp from Cry Baby.”

Where can your look be found? “TopShop, Thrift Shops in the city, and Trash & Vaudeville.”

Creative Director: Venus Rose

Photographers: Mari J Brooklyn & Valentino Watson