The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival has an extensive schedule of exclusive panels and screenings, with special keynote speakers providing audiences with first hand tips to help you excel in film, media, art, gaming, and even activism. The Tribeca Talks platform conducted a Daring Women Summit on Wednesday, April 20 which celebrated the most influential women in media, arts, and technology who’ve broken barriers in an unconventional fashion to exceed tremendously in their prospective fields. LaLa Anthony inspired us on a panel titled Using Your Platform, where panelists shared the passion for their craft and using their positions to promote special causes and interests.

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Here are a few things we took away in being a “Daring Woman.”

1) Be An Advocate


LaLa and her family have been helping a boy named Anthony who suffered from a traumatic brain injury, and it’s something that doctors and people don’t know a lot about. Carmelo Anthony and LaLa have practically adopted this family and helped them with medical care and research into figuring out what exactly happens to the brain during these brain injuries. It is a cause that has grown near and dear to her heart so much that she’s planning to start a foundation that focuses specifically on the awareness of traumatic brain injuries.

2) Balance Multiple Causes

Along with the plans to start a foundation for traumatic brain injuries, LaLa is partnering with the producers of Eclipsed for the initiative to bring 10,000 girls to see Broadway for free. Broadway is astronomically expensive and something a lot of girls have never even heard of coming from the backgrounds they come from. The 10,000 girls get to see Eclipsed which is an all Black cast starring Lupita Nyong’o and simply a truly amazing first experience for the young ladies.

3) Talent Speaks For Itself

LaLa explained how acting and producing have become two of her biggest passions. Yet, people wouldn’t take her serious because they couldn’t get past her original image as a host on MTV. LaLa stated, “I tell my team all of the time, just put me in the room and let me control what happens when I’m in there. I just need the opportunity to be put in front of the right people and put in the room and I’ll shine and do what I have to do.”

4) The Power of Partnerships

LaLa was asked how she is able to balance all the activities in her life. She stated, “You make time for what’s important to you. I don’t sleep that much. But, I also put myself in the position to partner up with great people to make great projects together so that I can have help with what I’m doing. As much as I would love to do it all, I can’t do it all by myself.”

The Daring Women Summit also included conversations with Donna Karan, Rosie Perez, and plenty more inspiring women. Head over to for all film festival scheduling and updates.