Last night, the city that never sleeps witnessed the glitz and glamor of the highly anticipated premiere screening and after party for Water and Garri, the debut starring role from multi-talented artist Tiwa Savage. Hosted at the prestigious membership club Neuehouse, the event brought together a diverse array of media representatives, celebrities, and industry insiders to celebrate Tiwa Savage’s latest creative endeavor.

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The evening was a testament to the universal appeal of Tiwa Savage’s work, as attendees from every genre of media turned out in droves to show their love and support for the project, set to be released on Prime Video on May 10th. From music moguls to film critics, the event was a melting pot of talent and creativity, united in their anticipation for what promises to be a groundbreaking cinematic experience.

With drinks flowing and spirits high, guests were treated to an exclusive screening of “Water and Garri,” followed by an electrifying after party that kept the energy levels soaring late into the night. The magic of the film was palpable in the air as attendees mingled and shared their excitement for its upcoming release.

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In the midst of Tiwa Savage’s radiant brilliance on screen, the magnetic presence of her male leading counterpart, Andrew Yaw Bunting, added an extra layer of sizzle to “Water and Garri.” Andrew’s performance was nothing short of captivating, igniting sparks of chemistry that leapt off the screen and left audiences craving more. With his charisma and undeniable talent, Andrew brought depth and intensity to his character, creating a dynamic partnership that elevated the film to new heights. As the countdown to the release on Prime Video intensifies, viewers can anticipate being spellbound by the dynamic between Tiwa and her dashing co-star.

The highlight of the evening was a riveting Q&A session moderated by Asia Ware of New York Magazine’s, The Cut. The panel featured Tiwa Savage, Andrew Yaw Bunting, film director Meji Alabi, and executive producers Jimi Adesanya and Vanessa Amadi. Their insights into the creative process behind “Water and Garri” provided a fascinating glimpse into the making of the film and the collaborative effort that brought it to life.

Next up on the itinerary is the Lagos premiere of “Water and Garri,” scheduled for the day of its release on May 10th. As the film continues to generate buzz and anticipation on a global scale, Tiwa Savage and her team are gearing up for another unforgettable celebration in her hometown, where the film’s roots run deep. As the countdown to its release on Prime Video continues, audiences around the world eagerly await the opportunity to experience the magic.

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