Riley Curry Has Returned to Reclaim Her Press Conference Throne


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Many have tried, but there is only one true press conference king or queen: Riley Curry.



Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry‘s first-born staked her viral claim during last year’s playoffs, when she made a series of unbelievably adorable appearances on her dad’s laugh during post-game pressers, either singing Drake lyrics or playing peek-a-boo with unsuspecting photographers and scribes. Her antics drew the ire of several journalists, but her cuteness ultimately prevailed, and she became just another reason to be obsessed with the NBA record-setting, Twitter-breaking Curry family.


Yesterday, at Stephen Curry’s MVP ceremony, though her dad had just become the first-ever unanimous Most Valuable Player in NBA history, Riley Curry had a stern, silent message to all the media in attendance, in case they were considering taking their votes elsewhere next season. This time next year, Curry will likely again be a leading MVP candidate, and could potentially be the first player to win the award three consecutive times since Larry Bird did it in 1984, 1985 and 1986.