Krystal Lake is a 22-year-old who works at Home Depot. On her early Sunday morning shift, Lake was having a bad hair day and decided to rock a baseball cap. Innocently enough, she started her shift as a cashier and went about her workday normally.

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The plot twist? The baseball cap had ‘AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT’ sprawled across the top mocking Donald Trump‘s famous catchline. Soon, Lake became a viral sensation and started receiving hate from people online all over the U.S.A.

To call Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign problematic and controversial is an understatement. The POTUS hopeful, however, has managed to spread his word to lending ears across America competing against top contenders like Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton.


Recognizing this, Lake decided to take a stand against Trump’s famous catchphrase, “Make America Great Again.” In an interview, Lake reveals she doesn’t hate America, but believes it “hasn’t been so great for everybody,” which motivated her to make the hat.

The original photo of Lake was taken by an anonymous customer at The Home Depot unbeknownst to her. While she got a lot of hate, Lake also received a lot of love from people who see the message she was truly expressing.

Do you agree with Krystal Lake’s statement? Do you think the unwarranted cyber-hate was necessary? The “great” debate can go on for ages. What also hasn’t changed? The creative ways citizens of America can express their views on politics in real life, social media and beyond.