Though Dave Chapelle’s classic Comedy Central program Chappelle’s Show has been off the air for over a decade, it is still heralded as one of the greatest comedic shows in television history, with fans still using it as a reference point to this day. One of the most famous sketches was one of Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, where the comedian recounted a story of recently deceased music icon Prince. Murphy shared that Prince was not only a highly skilled musician but also a prolific basketball player, destroying Murphy and his friends in a game while wearing high heels and club attire.

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Micki Free of Shalamar also played in the game and in a recent interview with VladTV, Free confirmed Charlie Murphy’s story, saying that it is 100% true. Telling the story from his perspective, Free shares that he was just as amazed at Prince’s hoop skills as everyone else was. Watch the clip below.


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