Many superstar athletes have a certain quirk that they do or accessory they wear that often becomes synonymous with them and sparks hoards of other aspiring athletes and youngsters to copy. For Michael Jordan, it was sticking out his tongue while attempting a dunk. LeBron James splashes powder into the air as a pre-game ritual. Steph Curry on the other hand has become known for chewing and hanging a mouthguard outside of his mouth even while playing. So much so that it was even spoofed in one of his many TV commercials.

During the regular season, a fan spotted Curry’s mouthguard on the floor near the Golden State Warriors bench after a game and quickly pocketed it. Now, he has partnered with SCP Auctions and the mouthguard will be placed up for auction on August 3 and is expected to sell for at least $5,000. How did they know for sure that it actually belongs to Curry? Well, it is inscribed with his name and the Warrior’s team logo.

SCP Auctions Vice President Dan Imler:


“Steph Curry has given more life to mouthguards than any player in history. The way he flips it in and out of his mouth has become part of watching him during a game.”

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