Part of Beyonce’s Stage Set Broke Above Her Head, But She Finessed Anway

Beyoncé is currently touring the globe on her Formation World Tour, where she’s dancing, gyrating, break-dancing and singing her ass off, reminding everybody that she is, hands down, the earth’s greatest performer. The Formation Tour is also an indication that, contrary to popular belief, especially the belief of those that have seen Lemonade, Beyoncé is actually human. The “Sorry” singer sneezed during a recent performance, something prolific, daunting performance machines aren’t programmed to do. So Queen Bey might be mortal, even if it’s just for 3 seconds out of the day.

Bey gave us another reminder during her show last night in Detroit, when part of her stage set broke above her head. Bey quickly reached up to hold it up, and though her subsequent actions weren’t visible due to the lights blackening, you could hear her utter “uh oh” almost in song form, as she tried to seamlessly transition to the next part of the show.

Naturally, the crowd loved every bit of it, and the show went on without incident.