Just two days after losing his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Sunday night’s Money In The Back PPV, the WWE has suspended Roman Reigns for violating their Wellness Policy. Reigns will serve a 30 day suspension, which makes him unavailable for the company’s big brand draft that is slated for July 19th. He will though, be able to participate in WWE’s next PPV, Battleground, which will air on July 24th.

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Reigns joins the likes of Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio as some of the biggest names that the company has to offer that have violated said policy. For those that are unaware, professional wrestlers have longed been linked to drug use associated with the physical toll it takes to be a performer. In a move to rid the company of such practices, the WWE instituted a Wellness Policy back in 2006, which stated that if any wrestler were to test positive for any substances on their banned list, they are to be suspended immediately. One violation warrants a 30 day suspension, a second carries 60 days and with a third, the wrestlers contract with the WWE is terminated.