Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Hurl a Reporter’s Mic into a Lake

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Cristiano Ronaldo‘s got a pretty big match coming up today, as Portugal prepares to face off against Hungary at Euro 2016, and he was in way too much of a zone to be bothered by a pesky reporter today.

Ronaldo, who was named the most famous athlete in the world by ESPN’s ESPN World Fame 100 study earlier this month, was seen walking alongside a lake being trailed by reporters when one of them shoved a microphone in Ronaldo’s direction and began asking the devastating striker questions. Ronaldo was unamused by what was transpiring, so he grabbed the reporter’s microphone, hurled it into the lake, and kept walking.


Sorry, bro. For what it’s worth, the LeBron James to Ronaldo’s Steph Curry, Leo Messi, had his own awkward incident last night when a fan stormed the field to bow at his feet during Argentina’s Copa America match against the USA.