Having the first Spanish language video to hit 100 million views in just one month earlier this year with “Bobo” was just not big enough for reggaeton star J.Balvin. This week he also released a preview of new smash hit “Safari” featuring Pharrell Williams, BIA and Sky. Producing the infectious song, Williams also sings on the track in Spanish.

Fueled by the single Balvin’s album ENERGIA releases today [July 24] and the buzz song skyrocketed to #1 on the Billboard “Hot Latin Songs” this week. Balvin is quietly becoming the biggest world superstar that the English speaking world doesn’t yet know of, but hundreds of millions of views worldwide and the virtual domination of the Latin charts is a good trade off.

The song delivers masterfully, the percussion is calm and minimal while blending in a more Hip Hop snare during the breakdowns. The combination of Balvin’s rhythmic delivery over the beat whisks listeners away to a tropical paradise of sounds that will enchant your feet to dance.

The album releases today but here’s the preview of the single last week on Ebro Dardens’s show on Apple Music.